HVG IOS application

The aim of the application is to display select portal content in the form of a native iOS application. The application is synchronizing with the backend system to always show the most up to date information.

# iOS, CMS, Push Notification

HVG Jobline mobile application

The application extends the functionality of the HVG Jobline (job searching/offering) portal in the form of a native Android application. Due to the synchronization with the backend system, the information in the application is always up to date.

# Android, Push Notification

Hospital appointment reservation on a mobile device

This software allows the users to reserve an appointment for hospital care in the 21st century’s fashion. The software package includes a web-based administration backend and an Android-based client application. The administration of appointments and medical treatments are handled by the web-based administration surface, while the appointment reservation is done on the mobile interface.

# Android, Web Based Backend System

Hódmezővásárhely municipality mobile application

The aim of this mobile application is to keep local citizens informed about the latest news about the area/city. Besides local news, the application also shares the contact information of local Administration offices and health care services, events calendar, tourist attractions, event reporting, polls, and features GPS-based map handling. The content of the system can easily be edited via the web based administration interface.

# Local Council Mobile Application, MCMS System


Electronic Administration Supervision Portal System

The aim of the portal system is to provide the IT infrastructure for the operation of the Electronic Administration Supervision. The portal system contains several subject oriented screens, focusing on the appropriate areas of supervision. As a part of the project, we have developed unique portals and an Orchard-based CMS content management system.

# ASP.NET MVC, Wollmux

Civil Information Portal System

The Civil Information Portal serves as a source of information for civil organizations and for people who are interested in their activities. The portal receives, processes and delivers information in a structured, searchable way informing the user about civil organizations and government agencies. As a part of the project we have built automated interfaces for several systems. The technical challenge of the project was the planning and implementing of the integration possibilities in a heterogeneous environment.

# .NET, Interface


International Tamburello Association portal system

The aim of the portal is to deliver a public appearance for International Tamburello Association. The portal itself is an Orchard-based content management system (CMS). Due to the CMS, members of the association can easily edit and change the content of the portal.

# CMS, Orchard, ASP.NET MVC

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