Custom-made Software development

The aim of the company is to develop Custom-made Software solutions. The purpose of personalized software development is to deliver the solution your firm needs, tailored to your exact demands. The key part of unique software development is to deliver a solution without any compromises. We deliver a system that meets your exact requirements, without any unnecessary interfaces or functions. This system serves and supports you in the most effective and efficient way in every aspect.

Our team of highly qualified professionals uses the latest technologies during software development. In addition to delivering high quality IT services (for example personalized software development, portal development, web application development, CMS content management system development, mobile application development, webshop development, hosting and IT consultations), we aim to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, and build longterm relationships regarding both the IT services and business solutions.

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The importance of smartphones and tablets in today’s communication is growing, reaching an almost dominative role. Offering almost limitless possibilities, taking advantage of these devices is inevitable. Always at hand, they offer immediate information, allowing us to take care of our daily tasks on the go.

The rapidly increasing popularity of inteligent phones (iPhone, Android, Phone7) opens new opportunities for area of communication. Personalized applications developed for smartphones and tablets offer several new, innovative opportunities, and have many benefits.

Via intelligent phones suitable messages can be sent to our customers. Thanks to the available applications we can share important business and life information in a user friendly way.

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Internet presence is fundamental for every business. In today’s tense competition, a well-designed, professionally built portal system is essential. EN-CO Software Ltd. offers professional solutions in portal development.

The EnCo CMS can be expanded and is an all encompassing system, which meets the requirements set against the portals, such as: user and search engine friendly, secure, flexible and is also a multi-language system.

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Internet commerce (also known as E-commerce) is expanding rapidly. It is an extremely efficient and effective commercial tool. Internet commerce is always on duty, never gets tired and is constantly generating sales. EN-CO Software LTD offers professional webshop solutions for our clients.

The spread of the internet has resulted in an increasing importance of electronic business transactions. In the case of shopping through webshops this is even more true.

Shopping trough web shops has several advantages:

  • An order can be placed from anywhere and at anytime
  • Easy browsing among products
  • Detailed features of the products can be found (pictures, descriptions, prices, comparisons, accessories, and other data)
  • Opinion about the products from others also can be available.

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A well constructed, thoughtful web shop can contain thousands of products structured in a way that places products in appropriate categories.

In today’s fierce competition a good web shop supports your business very efficiently. Your customers can do shopping in a very convenient way. Thanks to web shop they can look for offers and select the most suitable products.

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Search engine optimization is an essential part of today's IT services. Gaining the attention of visitors on the Internet is a deciding factor concerning the efficiency of marketing actions. During our developments a high emphasis is put on our search engine optimization tasks. The search engine optimization is a complex process that delivers the expected results within reasonable time.

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Hosting is also part of our services. The webhosting service has been introduced primarily for self- developed web applications. According to our experience the optimal solution is if the developer is carrying out the hosting of the application.

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In most cases, a project-based approach is inevitable throughout a company’s lifetime. Introducing a project management system tailored to the goals and vision of a company is one of the bases of efficient project-based operation. Measuring the exact needs of the company and the related customized operation are key aspects in delivering a project management system.

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In recent years, the number of solutions based on web portals has expanded significantly. These portals offer satisfactory and efficient solutions for most problems, however, there are special cases for which a desktop-based system is necessary. In addition to the development of webbased portal systems, EN-CO Software Ltd. is also determined to develop desktop applications.

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In today’s fierce competition, lack of efficient corporate IT solutions will result in a market disadvantage. EN-CO Software Ltd. offers corporate IT solutions tailored to your company’s needs in the following needs.

  • Enterprise portal system
  • Management information system
  • Internal workgroup surfaces
  • Project management
  • Corporate knowledge management
  • Document management
  • Corporate CRM system

Benefits of our solutions:

  • We thoroughly measure our clients’ needs
  • We create completely personalized software packages
  • Our offers are cost-efficient
  • Integration with mobile devices and tablets
  • We provide continuous support

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Augmented reality is a brand new software tool, the essence of which is the ability to “mix” the objects of the real world with software 3D models. The real-virtual space created by the software is able to display 3D models, videos and 3D animations.

AR can be efficiently used in several areas. It attracts tremendous amounts of attention, and the application will immediately become the center of interest.

Primary fields of AR usage:

  • Marketing application
  • Educational tool
  • Engineering design

EN-CO Software Ltd. develops AR-based applications both for mobile and desktop use.

Our highlighted AR-reference:

The Teach AR application developed in cooperation with the National Textbook Publisher has received the Golden Award on the international CeBIT expo.

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In addition to program development, our activities also include visual design.

These tasks are handled by our graphic designer. We deliver visual designs and illustrations upon your request. We create project images and design the graphic appearance of upcoming software. We place great emphasis on creating an ergonomic and user-friendly design for our software. We provide a convenient, aesthetically pleasing visual appearance for the mobile applications, as well as web portals.

Our services:

  • Logo design
  • Small corporate image, corporate image, brand identity guide
  • Webdesign, application design
  • Desktop publishing, brochure design, promotional materials design, prepress

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For us, customer satisfaction is most important, therefore, in the daily life of the IT field we stay at your disposal until the problem is solved. If you have a problem, or just stuck in the computer-fought "battle", you can count on us.

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