EnCo CMS system


The EnCo CMS is built on the Microsoft .NET framework application and is based on cutting-edge design in order to meet and exceed most business needs.

The system's applications are divided into two parts: Live System and Management System. The management system can manage the portal as well as create or modify the editor contents. During publication the website and the structure is transferred to the live system, where users can view it.

Opportunities without barriers

  • 100% Microsoft .NET / ASP.NET
  • 100% Web-based
  • Unlimited number of users / editor / administrator
  • unlimited number of document / page / web server

Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs use
  • Each page can be provided with metadata that allows for efficient searching
  • Support GoogleAnalytics
  • The complete sitemap (sitemap) search engine friendly production


  • Manage the content in several languages
  • Indexes search the contents of documents (PDF, DOC, HTML, etc.)


  • CMS system provides options for taking advantage of the .NET Framework and supports many standard communication solutions.
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • search facility for all objects (pages, text, images, categories, etc.).
  • built-in document management

Media neutral

  • Separation of content and appearance
  • Storing media-neutral content
  • Supports MacromediaFlash


  • Object oriented Management
  • All kinds of content and object categorization
  • Role-based permissions and user management
  • User-friendly task management


  • WYSIWYG editor-browser
  • Creating and publishing static, dynamic and mixed sites
  • Meta Tag Management


  • When the system is designed special attention has been paid to ensure security
  • Strict password management mechanisms
  • SSL / HTTPS support
  • Archiving


  • The framework allows you to create and manage unique items so that we can fully adapt to your individual needs.


  • Any content template formed
  • Individual needs can also be served accordingly


  • Use of high-level caching mechanisms (caches)
  • If necessary load balancing logic may be added
  • Data exchange via XML Web Service

Content Management

The EnCo CMS system provides a variety of services and devices. One of which allows editors the ability to create or edit web pages in a simple manner without technical or HTML programming knowledge.

There are special features for the dynamic controls. By using pre-fabricated templates/modules it is possible to create dynamic news, article lists, integrated assessment, and forms to create advertising campaigns or website maps.

WYSIWYG editor

The WYSIWYG editor allows you to directly edit web pages. You may establish text, edit, format in an userfriendly way. Diverse multimedia elements are able to be directly inserted through the WYSIWYG editor.

Browser-based management system

The system works entirely through a browser. Thus, it is not necessary to install workstations. It is accessible whenever or wherever. For flexibility the EnCo CMS is capable through both MozillaFirefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

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