EnCo Webshop System

Our webshop system uses the latest Microsoft frameworks and fully meets the requirements of the modern age. Thanks to the modular design of our webshop it is easy to adjust to your specific needs.

The software is very advantageous and can work well with the internet search engines. The search engine uses friendly URLs and has well-structured content which makes it easier for prospective buyers to find the right product. Since it is search engine friendly prospective buyers are able to browse the store making products visible to them. The webshop features will be expandable and supplemented at will.

The ongoing spread of Internet e-commerce gains more and more importance – which is especially true in the case of online shops.

Using webshops as a medium of trade has many advantages: orders can be placed anywhere at any time, the customer may simply browse through the products, one may view the detail of the products (pictures, descriptions, prices, comparisons, complementary products and many other parameters are used) one may also read other people's opinions regarding the products. A well-structured webshop can contain thousands of products in a transparent system that are classified into an easy to browse categories.

The webshops operate cost-effectively and are available 24 hours a day. In today's fierce competition the webshop efficiently supports your trading and goals. Customers from home can comfortably, easily and quickly purchase online. The webshop can also help customers easily browse through the range and select the right products for them.

If you are thinking about launching a web store, request an offer or contact us!

A Guaranteed, safely operating online shop is completed within a short time!


The webshop software provides a number of services and facilities that will help you start successful trading. The following is an overview of the development of web services options

This shop is modular software that enables on-demand service development. With the attention to any special needs we can provide solutions in the field of web development.

General catalogue function

  • Supports categories and manufacturers
  • The nested categories as desired (tree formed)
  • Product manufacturers assign any number of categories
  • Anonymous Shopping
    • It is possible to purchase without registration, of course, the order must provide the necessary data
  • The ability to editing individual product
    • The product is based on the customer's choice of properties in order to set up the product he likes. For example: A computer order that selects the desired size of memory or hard drive
  • Multilingual support
    • The webshop is translated into any language via the administration interface
  • Support for multiple currencies
    • The customer can choose which currency to pay in as the price will be converted based on the current exchange rates
  • Weight and size characteristics for each products
  • Currency exchange rates (European Central Bank)
  • SSL support
    • Secure, classified connection to the store.
  • XML export
    • The contents of the catalog can be exported in standard XML format, making it easy to be carried over to other systems
  • Fully customizable templates
  • International Capabilities for:
    • Registering
    • Billing
    • Transport

Product Function

  • Product attributes (eg. Color, size)
  • Support for multiple pictures per product
  • Automatic Scaling Images
  • Support for Downloadable Products
  • Text product options (eg. The preparation of text for featured products)
  • Similar products function (eg. The author's other books) or more product variants
  • Special Price function
  • Product Search
  • Key products, special offers or new products list
  • Easy to store records
  • Ability to alter product offering
  • Details of the product (eg. Processor, memory, graphics card)
  • Compare products function may be enabled or disabled

Marketing and Promotions

  • Assign custom themes, categories, vendors or products.
  • Related products
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Enabling a customer group free shipping
  • Setting customer group VAT exemption
  • Support for SALES
  • Clearance can be a fixed amount or a percentage that is specified
  • Set specific product clearances
  • Set specific category clearances
  • Cumulative product discount capabilities
  • Filtering SALE customer groups
  • Coupon function available
  • Set a coupon validity
  • Volume discounts
  • A list of the newest products, RSS.
  • A list of recently viewed products
  • Free shipping option
  • Customer reviews and ratings for each product
  • Ability to filter customer reviews by approving them through the administrator
  • Customer reviews utility (Comment sections available)
  • Search engine optimization and search engine friendly URLs
  • Automatic conversion URL
  • All products, categories, and manufacturers have their own meta tag and title page.
  • Adjustable basic metadata search
  • News RSS
  • Support Polls
  • Support Blog
  • Support Forum
  • Support for partner programs
  • Support for Google product search
  • Google XML site map
  • Customizable email templates
  • Is fully customizable for any category, vendor or product appearance or layout
  • Dynamically edit the text content of the portal
  • Crumb menu for easy navigation
  • "The store is temporarily closed" feature

Shipping features

  • Adjustable delivery methods
  • Postal delivery
  • Site delivery
  • Shop takeover
  • Integrated real-time calculation of shipping: UPS, USPS
  • Shipping costs based on the calculation of the amount of the order
  • Transportation cost is calculated based on the weight of the order
  • Transportation cost is calculated according to the shipping country and the weight of the order
  • Free shipping with certain amount of purchases
  • Supporting warehouses
  • Set free shipping on any order
  • Support for downloadable products (ie. Digital books, music, etc.).
  • The promotion of products that do not require transportation (eg. Services)
  • Setting Customer Group for free shipping

Payment Methods

  • Payment upon product arrival
  • Payment in advance
  • Credit card payment
  • The payment can be made by credit card or you may check the amount that is on the credit card
  • Real or manual validity control of payment card
  • Manual processing (only collect the orders for manual processing)
  • More support for online payment methods:
    • Authorize .NET
    • GoogleCheckout
    • Moneybookers
    • PayPal Standard
    • PayPalWebsitePayments Pro (Express and Direct)
    • Pro PaypalPayFlow
    • PSI Gate
    • Worldpay

Customer Services

  • Based on Customer registration / login email address or username
  • Wish list
  • Customers can view order status and history
  • Customer Directory
    • Save multiple addresses, select the desired ordering
  • Customizable order confirmation email
  • Multiple billing and shipping address as buyers
  • Customers settlement groups
  • Time Zone Support
  • Built-in forum
  • Password Recovery
  • Multiple registration method
    • Automatic registration option
    • Send verification email
  • Recommend this product by e-mail
  • Ability for customer to compare products or disable the compare products feature
  • News RSS
  • Latest Products RSS.
  • Ability for verification at check-in / registration

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